( Let me manage it for you )

You have better things to do

Running a blog seemed simple at first, but now you're bogged down in things like software updates, proofreading, spam and more every day! It's time for you get back to focusing on the writing. Let me manage your blog!

Included services I offer

  • Keep your blog updated

    I'll make sure you have the latest versions of your blog and plugins installed. (every month)

  • Posting assistance

    Want to email me a blog post on the road? I'll clean it up and post it for you.

  • Proof reading

    I can proof read posts and make minor corrections. (every post)

  • Uptime monitoring

    I'll keep an eye on your blog and let you know if something goes wrong (that I can't easily fix). (every 10 minutes)

  • Crush spam

    I'll moderate your blog comments and/or encourage discussion. (every day)

  • Bounce ideas off me

    I can help brainstorm and suggest blog post topics when needed. (every week)

  • Find the perfect image

    I can track down great images for your blog posts (I understand rights and attribution, too). (every day)

  • Find opportunities

    I can find relevant blogs for you to guest post on—even help set it up. (once a month)

  • Need something else not listed here?

    Let's chat. It may fall in line with my normal work for your blog. If not, we can work something out.

Don't waste another minute not blogging!

Let me make your life easier today.

Take Away The Pain!

Who am I?

Noah Coffey

My name is Noah.

(your new Personal Blog Assistant)

I'm a UX Designer living in Indianapolis who loves blogging, design, and technology.

I have over 10 years experience in writing, design, development and planning. Combined with my Bachelor's degree in Media Arts & Science from Indiana University with a concentration in Journalism, I'm the perfect choice to manage your blog.

Want more details?
Check out my personal website or my LinkedIn profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you also do __________?

    Probably! Let's chat and figure out how I can help.

  • How do I communicate with you?

    Everything is done via email. You are always communicating with me directly and none of the work is ever outsourced.

  • What if I need technical work or in-depth help with my blog?

    I'm pretty technically-minded, so issue I can quickly resolve for you is included in your monthly fee. However, if a specific need requires hours of extra work, I can quote you a price or help you find someone to do the work.

  • What if I'm unhappy with your service?

    First, I'd love a chance to figure out how I can improve. But, you can cancel any time and receive a prorated refund for the month.